LeTip of the West Shore has become a significant part of my business model. The value of the relationships that I have developed with the professionals in the group is incalculable.
-John Anthony, Fairway 12/31/2019

Every Wednesday morning I am reminded of how fortunate I am to call myself a member of this awesome group. I look forward to growing this group with you all in the months and years ahead!
-Tony Conte, Conte Wealth 12/2/2020

I've been a member of Letip West Shore for over 18 years. This group has some of the most ethical business people you will ever meet. They will exceed your expectations time after time. If I need a service or product, I think of my Letip friends first, and recommend them because I know they take care of their customers and clients.
-Steve Hammond, Auto Camp 1/20/2016

Great way to start your Wednesday morning! If you need more info, ask me! As the current Membership Chair, I can let you know if a category you might be able to fill is open! A great way to grow your business!!!
-Karen Young - 05/21/2022

LeTip of the West Shore! Honesty, Integrity & Quality work!! Need I say more! Wonderful group! Thankful I am included!!!
-Todd Archer 3/1/2022

This group of men and women are the best in what they do and who they are in every way. Please use everyones services, and if you can't find the person you need, just ask!
-Lisa Kilpatrick 3/3/2015

When I add up my Tips and the dollar amount that they’ve brought into my business at the end of each year, it is undeniable proof that the investments I make in dues and time are clearly worth it. Membership in LeTip of the West Shore is a 'win' for business!
-Gennifer Richie, Odessa 2/16/2016

Letip of the West Shore is a Professional Organization Bonded to assist in the success of everyone's Business. We meet early every Wednesday morning to Empower, and Inspire with the sharing of tips.
-Norleen Duncan 3/3/2016