Be Our Guest

Please be our guest and join us for one of our weekly meetings. This is the best way to understand how LeTip operates and to see how we can benefit you and your organization. There is no obligation to join, so take advantage of the opportunity to network with other professionals in your area.

Each meeting is held early in the morning to allow you benefit even before you start your normal business day. The meetings take place in friendly but business oriented environment with others like yourself looking to improve their business income, while helping you do the same. Breakfast is served each meeting and there is no charge for guest attendance.

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by members who will orientate you on the meeting requirements as well as introduce you to other members in the group. It is important to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to start time to situate yourself, get acquainted with the members and to observe the events of the day.

The meeting flow is dictated by a consistent and successful format, which is moderated by the Chapter President. Depending on the visitation day, guests will have the opportunity to hear chapter members give presentations on their business, or listen to members deliver visitation speeches on their co-members. At the heart of each meeting are the commercials. This is the opportunity for all member and guests to give a 30-second commercial to promote their business. This weekly task serves two purposes: first, to market your business, and second to educate your extended sales force.

Preparation for Your First Meeting

Come prepared to introduce yourself to our Chapter members. You will also, have the opportunity to give a 30-second commercial about your business and to describe the type of clients you need. Please bring approximately 75 business cards to disburse to the group.

How to Attend

Contact our Chapter Membership Chair to get additional information or to inquire about attending a meeting. You can also feel free to show up at one of our meetings on the day you are interested in participating.

Meeting Times

Our Chapter meets every Wednesday morning between 7:01 am and 8:31 am. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get acquainted. Be sure to check with our Chapter ahead of time around holidays to ensure a meeting will be held.

Meeting Place

Our Chapter meets at the West Shore Elks Club located at 108 North Saint Johns Church Road in Camp Hill, just off of the Carlisle Pike. Get directions.

We look forward to having you, and remember, breakfast is on us!